Rattan Sales Corporation is a professionally managed incorporated and profitable company focussed on manufacturing and exporting of a wide range of medical & hospital equipment and supplies. With an experience of more than 5 decades we have been actively promoting the SPENCERS brand of Laboratory equipments in tune with changing times and technology.


Rattan Sales Corporation has an outstanding track record of maintaining strict adherence to quality policy and in pursuance of this goal has been ISO 13485:2003 certified. We value our customer's satisfaction in terms of high quality standards and never have a compromising approach towards these standards.



Innovative & superiority in terms of quality and service has been a key factor in providing SPENCERS, an unparallel edge over competition in the market. Since inception the one factor the company has always focused is the complete satisfaction of our clients in addition to maintaining superiority in terms of precision and quality.


The company has been a pioneer in bringing out new technological up gradations to products and constantly been active in expansion of existing infrastructure to meet the custom requirements of the market. The latest venture being coming out with a state of the art production facility at Barhi Industrial Area, India.

The company apart from its items on regular production stands committed towards meeting any type of custom product required in the market. The customized product ready on demands has a bearing on our technical superiority and proves that our products maximize personnel and professional satisfaction.

Apart from Satisfied customers, reliable and innovative products and strong market position we wish to maintain our Technical Leadership .The Company is fortunate to have a team of dedicated staff who share this commitment. From design and Engineering and customization there is simply no one at par with us.



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