Spencers Vertical Biological Safety (Model No. : 1330-SSC-001 Series)

Spencers Vertical Biological Safety Cabinet offers a comprehensive range of high performance.Modular in construction, combining aesthetic appeal with functional utility and efficiency. These are designed to meet the filtration illumination, Noise & vibration requirements and US Federal Standard209 B (BS 5295), providing air to meet class 100 (Class I) conditions, to the extent applicable. These vertical Biological Safety Cabinet flow configurations find extensive application in Scientific, Medical and Industrial application where a localized high quality clean working environment is essential. These are designed to provide an atmosphere free from airborne particles with Laminar Air Flow flowing downward the work table. 


Construction Features:

All Biological Safety Cabinet are basically constructed out of thick teak wood board, which is termite and insect proof, fire retardant and weather resistant. All exterior surfaces are covered with white Laminates. Interior surfaces are epoxy painted. Work table is made top and side panels of thick transparent plexiglass.


Air Flow & Filtration :
Biological Safety Cabinet involves double filtration of air. Atmospheric air is drawn through pre filter and is made to pass through highly effective HEPA (High Efficiency Particular Air) filters having efficiency rating as high as 99.99% with cold DOP and 99.97% with Hot DOP, Thus retaining all airborne particles of size 0.3 micron and larger. Double filtered air blows in laminar flow through the work table at designed velocity of 90 ft. min +- 20%.


Blower Motor Assembly :
Duly balanced, direct drive motor blower units sized to provide adequate air flow volume over the entire surface of HEPA filter. Fitted with reputed make motor and operates with minimum noise level i.e. lower than 65 db on scale and Vibration less than 2.5 um.


Lighting :
Work area properly illuminated by diffused, glare free fluorescent light.


Product Features:

Model  No.



Working size



Size of HEPA filter  



No. of HEPA filter (Unit supplied with prefilter)




2×40 w                 

2×40 w

U.V. Tube at work area

30 w                  

30 w

U.V. Tube at exhaust

15 w                  

15 w


Optional Features :
• Exhaust System suitable for duct above 6 ft. : To throw the contaminated air to the atmosphere.
• Exhaust Ducting : PVC pipe with suitable fittings.
• Virus Burn Out Unit : Ensures destruction of pathogens present in air being exhausted from the cabinet. This further enhances protection of environment.


Spare Accessories :
• HEPA filter
• U.V. Tube





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