Spencers Blast Freezers (Model No. : 1180-SFR-200 series)

SPENCERS offers a variety of blast freezers with various sizes and configurations. The blast freezers are designed for a variety of applications which includes the field of catering, food processing, fish poultry & meat industry, blood bank, medical & laboratory applications. Depending upon the field of use, the blast freezers are designed for both chilling & freezing. From chilling (+70 to +3 Deg. C) and freezing (+70 to -18 Deg. C), the blast freezers are also available to maintain a -50 deg. C temperature for maintaining fresh frozen plasma in the blood bank applications or medical industry.


Dependability, low maintenance  & Value.
Fast pull-down, rapid recovery.
Excellent temperature stability and homogeneity.
An extended choice of process and control options.


Temperature data logger.
Temperature Chart Recorder.
Computer Interface & software.
Data store memory & print function.
Alarm system with rechargeable battery backup.
Alarms for open door, sensor fault, condenser fault etc.
Voltage safety system Dual door system with inner Glass door.


Capacity Selection
Blast Freezer 100 Litres
Blast Freezer 250 Litres
Blast Freezer 450 Litres
Blast Freezer 600 Litres
Blast Freezer 1000 Litres
Blast Freezer 1500 Litres
** Varying capacity options on Demand.


SPENCERS Blast Chilling and Blast Freezing range spreads across a whole host of designs, applications and benefits. The faster and better balanced the system is, the quicker the center of product is frozen and smaller the variations in taste, color, odor, and feel of the product. The faster the freezing process, the lesser the chance of considerable alterations to the product caused by the microbiological activity. Whereas a walk in freezer may take 6 hours to freeze your product, a blast freezer might accomplish the same task in ½ hour. Correct use of the blast chiller/freezer limits the weight loss of the product in the cooling phase (positive chilling) which must be performed by lowering the product temperature from +70°C to +3°C as quickly as possible and in any case within 90 minutes.

The blast freezer units also feature a very compact cabinet design. Blast Freezer evaporator units have been designed to match the requirements of compact blast freezing systems. The blast freezer units are arranged for blow through operation with fans and motors mounted on the air entering side of the coil. This configuration works well for developing airflow patterns in the confined spaces typical of blast freezing applications. Fin spacing is variable to accommodate heavy blast freezing frost loads.


SPENCERS offers customized Tailor make Blast freezers to best suit your applications. Blast freezers for food processing, fruits/ vegetables/ fish/ poultry/ meat processing applications. Blast plasma freezers for fresh frozen plasma. From capacity as low as 50 L to capacity as high as 2000 L, extending to walk in chamber blast freezer, SPENCERS shall be pleased to meet the end user specific requirements with the best of design & services.



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