Spencers Blood Bank Refrigerators (Model No. : 1180-SFR-001 series)

Spencers Blood Bank Refrigerators are designed for the precise requirements of Blood banking & processing applications. These Blood Bank refrigerators meet the stringent standards required in Blood Bank applications. For consistent, reliable protection, storage & preservation of valuable blood products at a safe + 4 Deg. C, you can depend on SPENCERS Blood Bank refrigerators. SPENCERS has to its credit of providing high quality blood bank equipment where temperature is constantly maintained at +4 Deg. C, ± 1 Deg. C, with better uniformity and accuracy.



Exclusive Standards:

Customized styles & Design.

Vacuum insulated Glass Door.

Dependability, low maintenance & Value.

Accurate temperature control and holdover capability

Uniformity of refrigerated blood & Safe blood storage.

Spencers superior refrigeration system.



Benefits Summary

Stable Temperature Control


The unit is fitted with microprocessor based digital temperature controller cum indicator for easy readability. The electronic management system allows to set the temperature as required as per the standard temperature range of the Blood Bank Refrigerator.


Microprocessor control ensures the most accurate temperature control available.


Multi air-flow system in larger capacity models ensures excellent temperature uniformity.


Temperature-maintained defrost designed with thermal sensors and heaters on the evaporator, all under precise microprocessor control.



Temperature Variations Prevented

SPENCERS series are designed to minimize cold air loss even with frequent door openings.


Separated transparent inner doors minimize the chamber air leakage during door openings.


Foamed-in-place insulation in the walls and magnetic sealed outer doors with double-pane glass window prevents chamber air leakage and promotes complete door closings.


Large air circulation fan enables rapid temperature recovery after door openings.



User Friendly Design

Fluorescent interior lamp with ON/OFF switch and a large view window in the outer door provide a clear view of stored items. Digital display is easy to see, and can be calibrated through the control panel.



Alarm and Safety Functions

To ensure the safety of the critical blood supply, SPENCERS provide the numerous safety functions:


Audible and visual alarms in case of power failure, high or low temperature condition are standard features.


Built-in temperature recorder, (Optional).



Environmental Friendly

SPENCERS Refrigerators feature commercially available CFC-free, HFC refrigerants and CFC-free insulation.



Feature Selections (OPTIONAL):

Temperature data logger.

Temperature Chart Recorder.

Computer Interface & software.

LCD / TFT Display.

Data store memory & print function.

Alarm system with rechargeable battery backup.

Alarms for open door, sensor fault, condenser fault etc.

Voltage safety system.




Model No.





Effective Capacity

200 liters

500 Liters

800 Liters

1200 Liters

                                                             *Varying Capacity option on demand.

Storage Capacity(450 ml bags)





Exterior Finish

Galvanized Sheet finished with bacteria resistant coating.

Interior Finish

Stainless Steel interiors to give better life and makes cleaning easy
providing hygienic conditions and great sturdiness.

Cabinet Insulation

Safe, high density, non-settling &Thick polyurethane insulation

Outer Door

Insulated door with double layer glass windows.

Door Lock





Drawers / Shelves

Adjustable drawers / shelves.



Hermetically Sealed Compressor

Heavy duty Air-cooled compressor. The compressor is distinguished by its excellent performance, low noise level and minimal vibration.


Non-CFC & Non-HCFC environmental friendly refrigerant.

Cooling Performance

+4 degrees C with an accuracy of +_ 1 degree C

Air Circulation

Forced air circulation.


Fully automatic

Temperature Control

Microprocessor based digital temperature controller cum indicator for easy readability.

Alarm System

Audible and visual alarms in case of power failure, high or low temperature alarm system.






Power Supply

220 volts, 50 Hz / 110 volts, 60Hz.


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