Spencers Cryogenic Freezers (Model No. : 1180-SFR-150 series)

Spencers Cryogenic Freezers ideally suited for ultra low and cryogenic storage in laboratories, long-term preservation and storage of blood, specimens and components, and testing of various types. The Spencers technology maximizes storage capacity over conventionally insulated models.


Cryogenic Preservation Application

Cancer Research : Tumor Cells

Blood banking : HLA, Red Cells

Bone Marrow Preservation : Skin, Bone, heart valves, Corneas, Musculoskeletal Tissues

Microbiology : Viruses, Bacteria, Cell Culture

Genetic Engineering : Cultures

HLA : (Lymphocytes) Organ Transplant

IVF : (Embryo, Sperm) Human Infertility

Sperm & Fertilized Ovum (Bull, Goat, horse, Pig, Chicken) Preservation

Plant Cell Preservation

Monoclonal Antibody Preservation

Pharmaceutical : Cultures

Repositories : Cell Cultures


Spencers Design

Spencers Cryogenic Series -150°C ultra-low temperature freezers use patented revolutionary vacuum insulation cabinet construction that reduces the wall thickness from 175mm to 135mm (6.9” to 5.3”) and achieves up to 25% more storage capacity than a conventionally insulated freezer without increasing the footprint.


This design prevents the insulation layers from distortion and cracking that might occur due to temperature differences inside and out, and creates the most efficient insulation material available today.


Moisture condensation at the top edges of the cabinet due to differences in temperature inside and out causes frost and icing problems, which may reduce heat insulation efficiency and obstruct door movements. These obstructions are prevented by the “hot line” which prevents frost and condensation from forming on the gasket and mullion.


The newly developed refrigeration system and the freezer structure offer a quiet experimental environment.


Achieves 50% higher energy conservation than conventionally insulated model.


Specially Designed Compressor for Cryogenic Temperatures

The refrigeration system is at the heart of producing cryogenic temperature freezing. In the process of developing various technical solutions in order to achieve and maintain cryogenic temperatures, SPENCERS designed the compressor specifically for this use. SPENCERS is a leading manufacturer of cryogenic temperature freezers.




Model No.



And More

Temperature Range

-125 to -150 degrees C (1 degrees C increment)

Maximum Cooling Performance

-150 degrees C (Ambient Temp. +30 degrees C)

Effective Capacity

100 liters

200 Liters

As required

                                                             *Varying Capacity option on demand.

Exterior Finish

Galvanized Sheet finished with bacteria resistant coating.

Interior Finish

Stainless Steel interiors to give better life and makes cleaning easy
providing hygienic conditions and great sturdiness.

Cabinet Insulation

Safe, high density, non-settling &Thick polyurethane insulation

Access port

40mm Diameter




 Imported Heavy duty Double compressor. The compressor is distinguished by its excellent performance, low noise level and minimal vibration.


Non-CFC & Non-HCFC environmental friendly refrigerant.

Temperature Control

Microprocessor based Control panel.

Alarm System

Audible and visual alarms in case of power failure, high or low temperature alarm system.

Power Supply

220 volts, 50 Hz / 110 volts, 60Hz.


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