Spencers Disposable Blade & Holders (Model No. : 1011-SMT-015 series)

Disposabel Blade Holder:

Spencers Stainless Steel Disposable Blade Holder are available for HIGH PROFILE and LOW PROFILE disposable blades, which can be fixed on all types of microtomes in place of conventional microtome razors. Blades are fed into the holder direct from the dispenser cassette and clamped in position by a single twist.


Disposabel Blades:

Made in USA, Teflon finished edges of High Profile and Low Profile blades assure the best possible results. The proficiency in producing blades of excellence by the Company is highly acclaimed and recognized worldwide for years. Every step in the production of disposable blades is closely scrutinized and controlled also because of the latest technology, we are assured of consistency with regard to the primary and secondary bevel angles.


Product Features:

High quality hardened stainless steel finely honed and polished for a flaw free edge


Special proprietary process ensures edge quality and promotes durability

Uniform Teflon coating reduces friction, eliminates striations and compression, and requires no break


Economically priced





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