Spencers Explosion Proof Refrigerator (Model No. : 1180-SFR-230 series)

SPENCERS offers a variety of explosion proof refrigerators, manual defrost freezers, flammable material storage freezers with various sizes and configurations & temperature range. SPENCERS explosion proof or flammable material storage Freezer provides an ideal freezing environment for the preservation of flammable specimen, reagents, chemicals, organic & non organic derivatives. For precise temperature control and reliable storage of flammable products, rely on the optimum performance of SPENCERS Explosion proof Freezers or Flammable material storage freezers designed for use in hazardous environments.


Explosion proof refrigerator 0 to +10 Deg. C.
Explosion proof freezer upto -15 Deg. C.
Explosion proof freezer upto -18 Deg. C.
Explosion proof freezer upto -20 Deg. C.
Explosion proof freezer upto -25 Deg. C.
Explosion proof freezer upto -30 Deg. C.


Explosion proof Freezer 100 Litres.
Explosion proof Freezer 250 Litres.
Explosion proof Freezer 450 Litres.
Explosion proof Freezer 600 Litres.
Explosion proof Freezer 1000 Litres.
Explosion proof Freezer 1500 Litres.
** Varying capacity options on Demand.




Dependability, low maintenance & Value.

Fast pull-down, rapid recovery.

Excellent temperature stability and homogeneity.

An extended choice of process and control options.


The Explosion-Proof Freezers are engineered to prevent triggering an explosion inside or outside the unit. The thermostat and compressor components are isolated within a vapor-proof enclosure. All electrical connections are hardwired to prevent sparking and accidental disconnection. SPENCERS Explosion Proof Storage refrigerators and freezers meet the highest safety standards for ether, organic solvents and other flammable materials. All cabinets comply with the requirements for flammable material storage.


Special explosion proof freezers are required for the storage of unstable and/or flammable materials which cannot be placed in normal (non-explosion proof) refrigerators or freezers. In such cases the explosion proof refrigerators & freezers provide total protection against explosion while storing flammable materials at below ambient temperatures. Explosion-proof interior prevents explosions caused by vapors leaking from improperly sealed containers. Explosion-proof exterior prevents explosions caused by fumes in interior or by vapors in hazardous external environment.


SPENCERS offers combination of refrigerator/freezers suitable for storing or using chemicals such as cyclopropane, ethyl ether, ethylene, acetone, alcohol, benzene, butane, gasoline, hexane, lacquer solvent vapors, naphtha, natural gas or propane and many other potentially hazardous materials. As a storage environment, with excellent safety features, easy operability and a host of other features, SPENCERS explosion proof Freezers offer unsurpassed reliability and functionality.




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