Spencers Freeze Dryer / Lyophilizers (1190-SFD series)


SPENCERS lyophilizers have been especially designed for a multitude of applications and for advanced investigation & research in the fields of biotechnology and health sciences, clinical, pharmaceutical fields & scientific institutes. The laboratory & research freeze dryers are designed to meet the end user requirements and the temperature range and vacuum is designed as per the custom requirements.

The freeze dryer is supplied fully assembled, including the vacuum and refrigerating system and all necessary elements, ready for operation after connecting to the utility services SPENCERS lyopholizer use the most up-to date technology in vacuum, refrigeration and control, giving unrivalled reliability and reproducibility in the freeze drying process. SPENCERS Freeze-Dryer enables experts and novices alike to develop new cycles quickly, while also ensuring that those cycles are elegant and efficient.

Freeze Dryer / Lyophilizer Types :

Manifold series Lyophilizer / Freeze Dryer

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Lab series Lyophilizer / Freeze Dryer

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Lyophilizer / Freeze Dryer with Hydraulic system

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** Varying other Specification are also available on Demand.


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