Spencers Fume Hoods (Model No. : 1350-SFH-001 Series)

Spencers Fume Hoods are recommended for exhaust from the hood working area, of gases, vapor, toxic particles, odor to improve working environment of people who regularly handle toxic substances. These reduce personal exposures and odor level in the laboratory.These are designed to exhaust toxic, or otherwise harmful vapors etc., for protecting laboratory personnel & equipments. A motor-blower exhaust system (Optional) generates negative pressure within the hood, extracting the contaminated air from the work area and expelling it into the atmosphere and preventing the fumes from escaping into the room.These are recommended for various laboratories like Bio-Chemistry, Pharmaceutical units, printed circuit etching/cleaning etc. These are capable or handling corrosive fumes of sulphuric and hydrochloric acids etc. If work-area walls are lead-lined (Optional), it can be effectively used for Radio-Isotopic applications.


The main body of the fumes hood is made of FRP. The work surface (Worktable) is of stainless steel sheet. A small S.S. Sink, water tap and water outlet provided. A sliding door made of acrylic, moves vertically up/down with counter balanced weight operated by steel rope. Hope is provided with fluorescent light for easy working in the chamber. A metal clad socket and gas cock is also provided in the chamber. The control panel is fitted with on/off toggle switches for mains, motor-blower and tube light and mains indicator.


Standard Sizes:
• 4’ × 2’ × 2'

• 6’ x 2’ x 2'

• 5’ x 3’ x 2'

Other sizes on request.


Optional Accessories:
• Complete exhaust system suitable for 10' duct and installation.
• Fume Duct - PVC.
• Lead-Lining on work-area walls for radio - isotope application.
• Special exhaust system (for duct above 10 ft.)
• F.C. mounting base with storage space and door.
• Acid resistance ceramic- tiles work surface (Work Table).




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