Spencers Laboratory Refrigerators & Freeezers (Model No. : 1180-SFR-120 series)

SPENCERS Laboratory refrigerators and freezers have been designed in response to the precise requirement for preserving Temperature sensitive products. These refrigerators provide an ideal cold storage environment for the preservation of vaccines, medicines, reagents, specimens etc. For consistent, reliable protection, storage & preservation of valuable medical products at a safe + 2 to +8 Deg. C, you can depend on SPENCERS Laboratory refrigerators and freezers where temperature is constantly maintained at the set temperature, with better uniformity and accuracy.



Laboratory refrigerator +2 °C to +8 °C
Laboratory Freezer 0 °C to -25 °C



300 Litres
450 Litres
600 Litres
750 Litres
1000 Litres
2000 litres
** Varying capacity options on Demand.



Dependability, low maintenance  & Value.
Accurate temperature control and holdover capability.
Fast pull-down, rapid recovery.
Uniformity of refrigerated blood for Safe blood component storage.
Excellent temperature stability and homogeneity.
An extended choice of process and control options.



LCD / TFT Display.
Temperature data logger.
Temperature Chart Recorder.
Computer Interface & software.
Data store memory & print function.
Alarm system with rechargeable battery backup.
Alarms for open door, sensor fault, condenser fault etc.
Voltage safety system.




General specifications


Microprocessor / Micro-controller based temperature controller

Temperature Display

Digital LED/LCD

High & Low Alarm

Audio-visual high & low temperature alarm


Outer Panels

Outer panels are made of GI coated/ CPRCA sheet/Stainless Steel

Interior Panels

Interior panels are made of Stainless Steel


Standard hinged door with Double gasket seal between the door and the cabinet increases system efficiency. Option includes dual door system or vacuum insulated glass door.


Polyurethane foam insulation with a thickness of 50mm


Adjustable stainless steel trays with perforated design

Interior lighting

Interior fluorescent lighting.


Castors for minimal effort mobility

Refrigeration system

Refrigeration system

SPENCERS superior refrigeration system with optional Backup refrigeration system.


Heavy duty Air-cooled compressor. The compressor is distinguished by its excellent performance, low noise level (<60dB) and minimal vibration.


Highly efficient condenser with automatic condensate evaporating system.


Internal evaporator system Forced draught


Non-CFC/HCFC environmental friendly based on compressor capacity.

Air Circulation

Forced air circulation to maintain chamber uniformity.



Audio-video alarm system to warn of high or low temperature. Optional alarm systems like door ajar, condenser faults etc. Optional Alarm system with Rechargeable battery backup.


Temperature Controls

Micro-processor based Temperature controller cum indicator.

Data Recorder/logger

Temperature chart recorder or data logger with software for storing data and downloading data to computer for storage & print.

Computer Interface

Temperature Controller with computer interface for computer based monitoring and data storage. Software is provided for monitoring and data recording.

Memory  & Print

Memory for temperature data storage and printer port for printing stored data.

High & Low alarms

Audio-visual high & low temperature alarms.


Alarm system for various parameters with rechargeable battery backup; Voltage Safety System; Backup refrigeration system etc.

Power Supply

220 volts, 50Hz. / 110 volts, 60Hz.






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Medical Freezers & Medical Refrigerator with tailor-make/Custom Controls Options
Various Options are available with Medical freezers ranging from 0 Deg. C to -30 Deg. c; Medical refrigerators & freezers ranging from +10 Deg. C to -40 Deg. C.; Medical freezers with -60 Deg. C to -86 Deg. C