Spencers Microtome Accessories

1011-SMT-011: Special Hone Stone for Microtome Knife Sharpening (GREEN) Size 10”
1011-SMT-012: Special Hone Stone for Microtome Knife Sharpening (YELLOW) Size 10”  


1011-SMT-013: Made of best quality leather mounted on wooden frame, for final honing of Microtome Knives. (Flock type)
1011-SMT-017: Spencers Tissue embedding rings have sturdy plastic mouldings which forms the permanent base of a wax block. It is reinforced with dual bar center support to prevent warping these rings have a cross-hatch surface design that provide excellent paraffin bonding for clamping used base moulds including our plastic , metal & aluminium disposable base moulds.
1011-SMT-018: Spencer’s permanent reusable metal base moulds for embedding cassettes are made of stainless steel and designed to ensure easy handling. There are two different shapes available for various specimen sizes.
1011-SMT-018a: Spencers disposable moulds is designed to fit all existing cassettes. Also as our base moulds are disposable you save time on cleaning and storing and they offer you less exposure to hazardous chemicals.
1011-SMT-008: Set of three object holders for Rotary Microtomes.  


1011-SMT-009: Set of three different object holders for Rocking Microtomes.


1011-SMT-010 RAZOR ATTACHMENT : A very simple attachment permitting a safety blade in place of Microtome knife, very suitable for cutting accurate sections.


1011-SMT-006: Micro Abrasive suspension for coarse honing of Microtome knives (500 gms.)


1011-SMT-007: Micro Abrasive suspension for fine honing of Microtome knives (500 gms.)


1011-SMT-038: Handle with axle for Rotary Microtome Knife  


1011-SMT-039: Stainless Steel Sharpening back for Rotary Microtome Knife


1011-SMT-040: Back for Wood Microtome Knife (Hammer Toned Painted)


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