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Seed Germinators



SPENCERS Seed Germinator provides unmatched consistent reproducible environmental conditions automatically for uninterrupted operation. The “user-friendly” controls in the seed germinator are easy to use and allows the control of almost any combination of temperature, light intensity, humidity parameters, water insertion and time options, with greater accuracy.

The seed germinators are designed for accommodating high volume seed / test needs, as well as versatile, meeting many test requirements that may require a controlled single set point temperature, alternating temperature patterns, light, dark or alternating light periods. Accurate and reliable controls in the seed germinator are easy to use, making this an excellent choice for running special tests, as well as optional built-in memory to allow repetitive test procedures to be easily stored and retrieved.

SPENCERS seed germinators are versatile testing chambers and would typically include meeting specific requirements of temperatures, humidity and light level intensity, such as: pre-chiller, seed germination, seed tests and research, plant test and research, plant growth, propagation, accelerated aging, photo stability tests, zoology, botany, tetrazolium, biological research and tissue culture tests.

Single Chamber
Double Chambers
** Varying capacity options on Demand.
Relative Humidity
Light Level
Test Cycles
Real Time Clock
Test Duration
Memory & Print
** Varying control options on Demand.

Customized rate of Heat/Cool.

Custom cyclic process controls.
Dependability, low maintenance & Value.
Temperature Uniformity & Temperature Control Stability
Optimum Transition Rates of Temperature.
Sturdy design and long-lasting finish
Custom built to customers design, specifications & loadings.
An extended choice of process and control options
Microprocessor/Microcontroller based Temperature Controls
Microprocessor based Humidity controls
Alarms with rechargeable battery backup.
Freeze dryer -30 Degree C, Freeze dryers -40 Degree C, Freeze dryer -50 Deg. C, Freeze dryers -60 Deg. C


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